The principles of our action


1. A common mission to communicate within a network and to be appropriated

The first principle of our action is to communicate a common mission: to collect 400 private testimonies of migrants from Finistère in Brittany to Gibraltar. This involves bringing together a network of 8 cities and 8 operational partners for the purpose of this mission, in order to ensure the transmission of this mission to the local groups in charge of the collection. The local teams will base their work on the communicated collection methodologies, which they will appropriate and adapt to the local context and to their needs.

2. Each testimony is based on an encounter and the privileged relationship with the migrant

The second principle of our action is for each collected testimony to be based on an authentic encounter with a migrant. This encounter presupposes the construction of a privileged relationship between the contact person and the migrant. The purpose of each encounter is to bring out the most valuable information in the private letters. It is the quality of the encounter and of the relationship established with the migrant that guarantees the value of the collected testimony.

3. A commitment to bring the encyclopedia to life

The third principle of our action is to make the Encyclopedia come to life once it is produced, but also after the end of the project, by requesting true commitment on the part of each city and each operational partner. Once the Encyclopedia has been produced, the city – which will be given a copy of the Encyclopedia – and the operational partner will undertake to organize action for local dissemination in order to make this work public and allow its appropriation by civil society. Eventually, the city will keep the work and the operational partner will be the representative for subsequent projects carried out in relation to the Encyclopedia. The purpose is to make continuous use of the Encyclopedia by creating projects in relation to the work on a local scale in the medium term.