The documentary film

Available !
Available !

The documentary film Traces back each, and every, phase involved in the making of the project, from the initial idea to the final production via all the creative and collective processes. It documents the nittygritty of how the project was actually made. The film was shot at the project’s collection bases in France, Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar and its aim is educational. It is a way of recording the project for posterity. Available free of charge online.


Frédéric Leterrier and Benoît Raoulx

Assistant Director
Martin Benoist

Assistant editor and photography
Benoît Curial

Shooting assistant
Margaux Verove

A co-production
L’âge de la tortue / Programme FRESH

As part of the programme
Film et recherche en sciences humaines (FRESH) porté conjointement par la Maison de la recherche en sciences humaines de l’université de Caen–Normandie (MRSH) et la Maison des sciences de l’homme en Bretagne (MSHB)