The Encyclopedia of Migrant’s “User Manual” 

August 2017

“The User Manual” what is this?

Available online and free of charge from, the “User Manual” is published in the four languages of our partner countries: France (FR), Spain (ES), Portugal (PT) and Gibraltar (EN). It has been designed for individuals with interest in learning about the educational goals of “The Encyclopedia of Migrants”.  The manual gathers information about the Encyclopedia together with details on how the project developed and the processes involved.

The “User Manual” offers a summary of the project, with additional information, and details on how to contact us and our partners in the 8 participating cities (Brest, Rennes, Nantes, Cadiz, Gijón, Lisbon, Porto, Gibraltar). Conditions for reproduction rights and referencing material contained in the Encyclopedia can also be found in the manual.  The Encyclopedia‘s resources and materials are also available online free of charge.

The project’s founding ideas contained in this manual form part of the core elements of the Encyclopedia. They include a number of key strategies for the educational use of the Encyclopedia which have been devised by   “L’âge de la tortue”.  You will find these categorised under the following four headings:  the artistic dimension, the social sciences, the conservation of a linguistic heritage and the understanding of the collective, citizen-based context of the project. The intention is that these will lead to the valorisation of the work and new ways of disseminating the project through the creation of new platforms for collaborations and partnerships.

A paper version of the  “User Manual”  is available on demand from L’âge de la tortue by email : contact(at)