Graphic design : a workshop with students of LISAA

To transform the encyclopedia of Diderot et d’Alembert to The Encyclopedia of migrants (read the prvious post), we chose to organize a workshop at  L’Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués (LISAA) a school for graphic design based in Rennes. After a brief and a complete presentation of our project, the 40 students start their work with the aim to appopriate the graphic codes from the old encyclopedia and to update it in a contemporary version. Three months later, with the support of  Richard Louvet and regular meetings with the team of the project, this is Lénaïg Friguel’s layout we have selected. Actually, it is the base of the graphic layout of the book. Lénaïg has worked specialy with typography. At the end she chose : Stuart (by Matthieu Cortat) and Avenir (by Adrian Frutiger). This is the subject of the next posts on this blog.

Here some photos taken during the workshop from december 2015 to february 2016 :

atelier_lisaa_encyclopedie_des_migrants_4atelier_lisaa_encyclopedie_des_migrants_5 atelier_lisaa_encyclopedie_des_migrants_6atelier_lisaa_encyclopedie_des_migrants_1atelier_lisaa_encyclopedie_des_migrants_3 atelier_lisaa_encyclopedie_des_migrants_2