The photographic team - PORTO - Lara Jacinto and Ant贸nio Pedrosa

June 2016

漏 Ant贸nio Pedrosa | Lara Jacinto

16, this is the number of photographers who joined the team of The Encyclopedia of migrants. Since november 2015, in the 8 cities of the project, 2 photographers have the task to realize the portrait of people who will testify in The Encyclopedia. From a common method (initiated by Bertrand Cousseau and聽 Paloma Fern谩ndez Sobrino in previous projects as Partir) the 16 photographers are using their knowledges and their creativity to co-realize with each migrant person an image that will be include in the book with the intimate letter.

During the next weeks, you will discover the photographers involved in the project.

This week, you鈥檒l discover the work of Lara Jacinto and Ant贸nio Pedrosa. They are working in Porto, to realize the portraits of the 50 persons who will contribute to the Encyclopedia.

– Lara Jacinto –

The idea of traveling normally leads us to a desired change, to pleasant moments, based on a desire or impulse. It is often a lifelong dream that we hope to realize someday.聽Nowadays this idea seems far from the thoughts of those who depart from Portugal in order to survive a period, some say they thought that emigration was a part of the past. Last year dozens of thousands of Portuguese left Portugal with the hope to find a solution that is denied to them by the country that apparently is not enough for everyone.聽This trip requires a separation, a break that involves a change of direction. The family is left behind, there are children whom you don鈥檛 see growing up, marriages that are cancelled or which happened in a hurry, abandoned projects, shattered expectations.聽Since the 60鈥瞫 that so many people didn鈥檛 leave the country. For many it will be a trip without return.
Lara Jacinto is a photographer based in Porto, Portugal. Graduated in Design, studied photography at Portuguese Institute of Photography. She works as an independent photographer, focused in documentary projects. Since 2011, Lara has developed reportages for the most important portuguese newspapers and magazines, as P煤blico, Expresso or Vis茫o.聽She Is also envolved in collective documental photography projects, like the recently published ProjectoTroika, about portuguese crisis.聽Her work is often exposed and published.聽In 2014 she with another three photographers founded COLECTIVO. A collective dedicated to documentary photography projects.

– Ant贸nio Pedrosa –

Ana Parreira, matilheira, da Matilha de Estremoz. Montaria da Associa莽茫o de Ca莽adores

Ant贸nio Pedrosa has worked as a photojournalist since 1996. He has published in various Portuguese and international newspapers. Alongside this, he develops work in the field of documentary photography. In 2012 he won the Great Prize 鈥淓sta莽茫o de Imagem | Mora鈥 for Documentary Photography. The following year he won 鈥淓sta莽茫o de Imagem | Mora鈥 grant to develop the 鈥淭he Pose and The Pray鈥 project that was published in May 2014.
In 2014 won Hasselblad Master 2014 prize for editorial photography and in 2015 won the “Sports” category in PDN Photo Annual, 2nd and 3rd place in “sports” singles and series category in POY Latam.
Also in 2015, winner of VSCO Arts Initiative grant, to develop the project 鈥淭he Thin Line鈥, about Europe.
Founder of COLECTIVO, a collective of documentary photographers.