The photographic team - GIJÓN - Laura Rodríguez and Lluc Queralt Baiges

March 2016

© Laura Rodríguez | Lluc Queralt Baiges

16, this is the number of photographers who joined the team of The Encyclopedia of migrants. Since november 2015, in the 8 cities of the project, 2 photographers have the task to realize the portrait of people who will testify in The Encyclopedia. From a common method (initiated by Bertrand Cousseau and  Paloma Fernández Sobrino in previous projects as Partir) the 16 photographers are using their knowledges and their creativity to co-realize with each migrant person an image that will be include in the book with the intimate letter.

During the next weeks, you will discover the photographers involved in the project.

This week, you’ll discover the work of Laura Rodríguez y Lluc Queralt Baiges. They are working in Gijón, to realize the portraits of the 50 persons who will contribute to the Encyclopedia.

– Laura Rodríguez –

Laura photoPhotography is the language I speak the best, the one that I use to communicate with myself and with the world around me.
There are two reasons for this. First is that it helps me get to the bottom of myself. I had trouble understanding my own feelings, I couldn’t get to articulate what I was feeling using words, but I discovered that I could by using images.
The other reason is that since I’m a shy person, photography helps to put myself out there. I know that for many people my work transmits sadness, but my photographs are not sad, since they help me get rid of the anguish, anger, sorrow… My work takes the negative feelings that otherwise would crush me and it transforms them into something beautiful.

– Lluc Queralt Baiges –

L1005317lluc-1280I’m a globetrotter, a tireless traveler that has been trying to discover the world around him
for 14 years by means of a camera. The photographs are the proof of this unending journey
through different and exotic nature and human sceneries. Photography and travel go hand
in hand in my curriculum. The obsession to create images has never left me and it has
allowed me to relate to a new and unknown world. When I photograph, I learn and don’t
forget. I take snapshots of landscapes that are now part of my backpack full of memories.