9ème rencontres franco-italiennes de géographie sociale

A l’occasion des 9ème rencontres franco-italiennes de gĂ©ographie sociale, une partie de l’Ă©quipe du projet L’EncyclopĂ©die des migrants fera une prĂ©sentation du travail en cours. BenoĂ®t RAOULX (ESO, Caen), Paloma FERNANDEZ SOBRINO (L’âge de la Tortue) et Thomas VETIER (EA PREfics, Rennes)  proposeront une rĂ©flexion commune autour de l’aspect pluridisciplinaire du projet. Leur intervention Ă ... Read more »

Presentation of the project : an educational point of view

A presentation of the project L’EncyclopĂ©die des migrants, throught the dimension of education. A dimension we defend from the beginning in projects we are running. In other words, how an artistic project that need the participation of persons allow also to promote their expression mobilizing and ehencing their skills ? The post (in french) is... Read more »

Presentation of the project on the Deutsche Welle radio

The first interview (in french) on the german radio Deutsche Welle about the project. Five minutes to explain the origin of the project and also his progress and the artistic, political, social and scientific issues crossing this wide adventure. Interview realised by Audrey Parmentier. → Ecouter sur le site de la Deutsche Welle

Recording the radiophonic dictionary of migrations

A new project in frame of the Encyclopedia of migrants, developed in partnership with the local radio Canal B in Rennes : a radiophonic dictionary of migrations. Ten soundtracks to change our gaze on migrations. In october 2016 on the air on Canal B and on the website The Encyclopedia of migrants !